Thursday, August 9, 2012

Leaf Collection

One summer a long long time ago my dad, the science teacher, assigned me to make a leaf collection. Because both of my parents were school teachers we spent very little time at home over the summer. We traveled all over the US in a camper which meant I was able to collect leaves from all over. I still remember many of the tree names and have favorites like the beautiful ginkgo that grew down the hill at the end of my grandparents street in Philadelphia.

I thought it was about time Trouble start his own leaf collection this summer. I talked up how fun it was for me to collect leaves as a little girl and he was game. My dad, Papa, was nice enough to give Trouble a mini-lesson on the parts of a leaf, arrangement and types.

I found a field guide to tree identification at a second hand book store and got an inexpensive 'cling' album to house the leaves.

When Trouble collects a leaf we look it up in the guide. He writes the tree's common name, scientific name, collection date and location on an index card. The index card and leaf go in the album.
 Trouble already has a favorite tree, the Sassafras. He loves the fragrant leaves and the story of his great great grandfather making root beer out of the root.

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