Sunday, April 1, 2012

Wildseed Farms

Spring wildflower season in Texas is a sight to behold. The dramatic backdrop lends to many a Momma posing her children on the bluebonnet covered hills. Seriously... it's quite common to see kids in their Sunday best on the side of the road just sitting in a big patch of blue. Yes, I'm guilty of torturing Trouble with this Texas tradition, see...

Just east of Fredericksburg you'll find the largest working wildflower farm in the US. Wildseed Farms is a plant nursery, gift shop, boutique, biergarten and flower garden with an incredible selection of wild flower seeds cultivated on the premises.

Nana and I spent the afternoon strolling through their lovely gardens and wildflower fields.

We sat on many a bench and just watched the flowers dance in the breeze.

I have to admit that as much as I love Texas bluebonnets...

 it's the fields of poppies that always take my breath away.
Ahhhh.... poppies!
Check out Wildseed Farms in the Spring, it's splendid!


  1. We came from Alabama about this time last year to Fredericksburg, Texas hoping to see lots of bluebonnets but there was a drought in progress. About the only bluebonnets we saw were in well watered pots. Wildseed was on our list of things to do (but we spend too much time at the wineries instead). Thanks for sharing these photos.

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