Sunday, August 21, 2011

End of Summer Traditions

On Tuesday Trouble starts back to school. Yep our fun filled summer is almost over. Soon we'll be studying multiplication facts and spelling words every night. But until then we've been living it up, squeezing as much fun out of this summer as possible. Monday will be our last day of summer vacation and we plan on going out with a bang! Here are some fun ways for your child to spend their last moments of freedom.

Ice Cream For Dinner- So what, who cares! Ice cream is milk and milk is healthy! Right?

Children's Museum- Go where it's impossible for a kid to not have good time.

Park It- Take you're kid to their favorite playground. Bring your favorite book, a cold drink and relax while they play their little hearts out.

Splash Park It- Splash parks are popping up all around Central Texas. I just love the idea of kids being able to cool off and play.

Game Time- Spend some time playing all of your child's favorite games... even if you absolutely hate Twister and Chutes and Ladders makes you want to poke your eyes out.

Jump In- You're local pool or lake might have been your favorite spot to cool off this summer so make it your last hoorah as well.

Remember The Fun- Frame your favorite photo from the summer. Trouble loves to look at all of the pictures I took over the summer and talk about his favorite memories.
Spending lazy days on the beach in Puerto Rico was one of Trouble's favorite memories this summer... Mr.Perfect and I loved it too!

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  1. Awww, what a great idea to have all these traditions. I really don't have any traditions with my kiddos yet since they are so small but I am intent to start them soon :)

  2. So many great ideas! We love a once (or twice) a year ice cream supper. I especially like the idea of going throough the photos and picking favorites and talking about favorite memories. :)

  3. our great neices and our granddaughter had an ice cream for breakfast day once... and we wrote a book about the whole adventure! what memories we create when we go outside of the "norm"! thanks!

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