Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sweet Berry Farm

It's strawberry pickin' time!!!
 My mom and I decided we needed to go strawberry pickin' and headed over to Marble Falls, TX. I've been itching to go ever since I found out Sweet Berry Farm was open for strawberry season.
Along with the rows upon rows of sweet strawberries (March-April) they also have blackberries (May - June), tomatoes & onions (May-June), and potatoes (May).
Nana and I were able to pick two boxes of berries in no time at all. Yep, we went without Trouble.  He cried when he found out we went while he was at school. Don't worry I promised to take him next chance we got.
Trouble's tears dried up quick when he saw the all-you-can-eat berry buffet I had going on in the kitchen. I even made him a fresh strawberry icey... boy was that delicious!

If you happen to be anywhere near Marble Falls be sure to stop by and enjoy all that the farm has to offer. (I highly recommend their homemade ice cream.)
Sweet Berry Farm
-The farm is closed on Wednesdays.
-They have plenty of shaded picnic tables to use so bring a picnic.
-Cash and Checks are accepted.
-No pets allowed.
-There is not an entrance or parking fee.
-No need to bring containers other than your old Sweet Berry Farm box. Fruit must be weighed in their boxes.
-They are open all Holidays during the season.
-Oh, and don't forget the camera!
I think I'll start celebrating Strawberry Week. (If the boys get shark week, I get strawberry week.) Expect to see... all things strawberry this week.


  1. LOL sharks vs. shortcake!

    So glad you made it. Thanks for linking up to Make & Share's 1st edition today,
    come back every friday thru saturday!

    ~ Christy

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