Saturday, March 5, 2011

Exploring UT

This Saturday my alma mater, The University of Texas at Austin, had it's annual open house called 'Explore UT'. The whole university is open with over 400 events and activities designed to excite and encourage the wonder of learning.
The University of Texas is HUGE! The main campus is about 350 acres with 17 colleges and schools, about 24,000 faculty and staff, and more than 50,000 students. When they do an open house it's ginormous. Oh and did I mention it's all free. Score!

At the Harry Ransom Center, which holds many of the world’s prized possessions, I showed Trouble and Mr.Perfect The Gutenberg Bible and the first photograph. Trouble was not impressed. But he loved making a sun print of the letter W. I asked him why a W and he said, "Duhh Wolverine!"

Trouble also made a shield...

 some flags...

a tambourine...

and a Napoleon hat that he quickly turned into a pirate hat.

Trouble played with landforms...

and was fascinated with dry ice bubbles.

I'm so proud that Trouble is 'Hooked'!
Hook 'Em Y'all

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