Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Grocery Shopping with Trouble

As some of you know, grocery shopping with your kids can be rather unpleasant. So when Trouble was off from school on Monday for MLK day. I groaned, I grimaced, I knew I was going to have to take him... grocery shopping.
I figured I could make the trip less painful if I gave him his own shopping list and made him feel responsible for some of the shopping. I printed up his list and handed it to him once we got in the car.
He read through the list in the car and asked for a pencil so he could cross things off as we put them in the cart. When I stopped to fill up the car with gas he drew a cute little picture of us shopping.
At the store he weighed and made labels for the produce. He helped me pick out (healthy) foods that he wanted to eat this week. 
As we added groceries to the cart Trouble very responsibly crossed the items off his list. Yippy! Now I won't forget Mr.Perfect's favorite cottage cheese... again.
He was surprisingly excited to have found all of the items on the grocery list. He thought it was just like a scavenger hunt. It's like he had fun or something. There was no crying or complaining. We were not asked to leave the store. I didn't yell one time. It was a success!
I sure do hope this works the next time I have to take Trouble grocery shopping!

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