Friday, January 14, 2011

Cleaning Grout with Vinegar

I'm totally embarrassed to show you this, but here it is... a mildew or mold spot on the grout in my shower.
I have had the hardest time trying to get it out. I've used my normal bathroom cleaner and bleach. Nothing has worked so I decided it was time to bring out my secret weapon... the vinegar. Mr.Perfect says I'm obsessed with vinegar. Maybe? I just love that I can feel comfortable using it because it's not toxic and it won't stain my clothes.
Here's another picture of the infamous spot that won't go away.

I poured about an inch of white vinegar in a measuring cup with an old tooth brush.

Next, I started to scrub that horrible spot with the vinegar covered toothbrush.

And scrubbed... and scrubbed until....

it started to go away.

And soon I noticed that it was almost gone.

At this point I was yelling down the stairs to Mr.Perfect that the vinegar had removed the spot.

Then I hear Mr.Perfect yell back,
"OK crazy Vinegar Lady!"

Well done Vinegar, well done!



  1. Thanks! I have way too much tile & GROUT! I love the tile, but hate the grout. My Mr. perfect is a BIG user of strong chemicals, as he is also Mr. Clean! I am sensitive to many harsh chemicals, but don't mind vinegar at all! I will give this a try on my shower walls & kitchen counters. A little household acid might be just the trick.

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