Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Painting Class

Not long ago a friend took an acrylic painting class. She raved about how much fun it was and that she thought it was right up my alley. I have no prior painting experience but being that I am an artsy kind of girl and am willing to give just about anything a try, I decided to take the class. Cindy Debold, my painting teacher, is a fantastic local artist. She does the most amazing sculptures and paintings.

Cindy asked us to bring a picture of our favorite painting to our first class. I love Monet's Water Lilies! I saw them on a trip to France in High School and they took my breath away. She also asked us to bring a few photographs of landscapes or pets that we might be interested in painting. I brought this photograph of my Grandmother's cottage and Cindy helped guide me to paint it with a Monet twist.

My painting started out like this...
and slowly transformed into...
I could never ever have done this on my own. But with the guidance of a very talented and patient teacher...
miracles are possible. Heck I may even have a new hobby.

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