Sunday, September 18, 2011

Texas Zipline Adventures

Friday afternoon Bestie, her Hubby, Mr.Perfect and I played hooky from life and had a mini stay-cation at
Lake Travis Zipline Adventures.  None of us had ever been ziplining before and had no idea what to expect but we were all thrilled to embark on a new adventure so close to home.
We started the tour with a short boat ride to a lake side beach that had lounge chairs, clean bathrooms and lots of cold drinking water available for us to use at our leisure. Luckily it happened to be overcast and not one of the many 100+ degree days we've had this summer. Hiking the beautiful trails to each zipline platform was great exercise and the views of Lake Travis and the Hill Country couldn't be beat.
Our tour guides were attentive, knowledgeable, professional and patient. They took care of our every need and made sure we were always having a great time.
I fell in love with ziplining! To feel the rush of wind in your face and hear the gentle hum of the cord as you soar above the trees and canyons is absolutely exhilarating.
My favorite part was the grand finale. Bestie and I decided to race their longest run tandem. Screaming and laughing as we zipped 2000 feet is a priceless memory that I'll never forget!
Bestie and I Preparing to Zip
Zip On!


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