Thursday, July 21, 2011

We've Got Worms

Back in April, Trouble received this for his birthday from his Grandparents. In case you're wondering, it's a worm house.

A few days later Trouble got a package in the mail. You guessed it... a box filled with 1,000 worms (minus a few who thought it would be a good idea to vacate their packaging and, since we were having a hot April, quickly became crispy critters). Yes, there is such a thing as mail order worms. You didn't know that? Me either!

Lucky for Trouble, Mr.Perfect was super excited to start a worm farm. Apparently the little guys are great at composting. Trouble ripped some newspaper to put in the bottom of the bin.

They watered down the newspaper and then added the mail order worms along with a little dirt.

What do these guys eat you ask? Food scraps! I'm finding that they are crazy for watermelon rind but they eat through most any organic material. Yes, I can tell that our worms like watermelon the most... they all cheer when I throw it in.

The best part is that the worms or wormies, as Trouble calls them, turn the organic material into vermicompost or worm manure. Vermicompost is like gold for your garden. Mr. Perfect has been pouring the liquid, which by the way Trouble calls worm pee, that comes out of the bottom of the worm farm, into my herb garden and I've never seen my herbs happier!
worm pee =
great herbs
Trouble has grown so attached to his little wormies that the mention of using them for fishing bait is met with violent protest. Yeah... happy worms...happy Trouble...happy garden!
Thanks Grammy & Grandpa for the very fun birthday gift. Everyone here loves it!


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