Monday, July 25, 2011

The Pillars of the Earth

My mom passed The Pillars of the Earth on to me a few years ago. I was reluctant to read a super thick historical fiction novel for fear of being bored to tears but after the first few pages I was immediately in love with the book. The book is centered around the construction and architecture of a cathedral in 12th-century England. It also follows the life of the small village and its people where the cathedral is being built. The characters all come to life and seem so very real and compelling. There's plenty of death, love, destruction, suspense and tragedy that make for one magnificent read.

World Without EndAfter reading The Pillars of the Earth I was left wanting more.  Low and behold, Ken Follett came out with World Without End which picks up 200 years after The Pillars of the Earth ends and is another fantastic book that I couldn't put down.

Go to your local library, book store or borrow it from your BFF and get to reading!

PS- There's a made for TV miniseries for The Pillars of The Earth. (I watched it via Netflix and really enjoyed it)


  1. This is my FAVORITE book of all time. I read it when I was a senior in high school (so 10 years ago) and I've read it at least once a year ever since. I've passed it on to, no lie, about 20 different people. Not everyone loves it as much as I do but I don't care! It's amazing. I own about 10 copies (I buy all the ones with different covers or if it's on sale somewhere). My husband thinks I'm crazy. I have read World without End but didn't care for it as much as Pillars, but they're making a mini-series out of WWE now and I plan to re-read it before the series comes out.

  2. Mehgan- I know, it's such a wonderful book! It's probably time I read it again. Thanks for the reminder!

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