Monday, April 11, 2011

Easy Easter Gift

I'm of the opinion that all of Trouble's teachers, have been and, are absolute angels and deserve to be completely spoiled at all times. I always try to give Trouble's teacher a little something sweet for any holiday. Just a little something to let her know how much she is appreciated & loved.
Here's a simple & easy Easter gift that could be modified to give to anyone. (Thanks for BEAN my...BFF, friend, sister, mom, husband, wife, guardian angel, inspiration, umbrella, ... whatever, you get the idea.) I got the jar from Hobby Lobby super cheap. I've seen similar jars at other craft stores and at the grocery store. (with all the canning supplies)

PS- I love Jelly Bellies (except licorice!) I could eat this whole jar in no time. Get them away from me!
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  1. How cute! Where did you find the jar?

  2. I love a good pun! Thanks for the fun gift idea.

  3. This is awesome! We are making this for my daughter's daycare teachers :) thanks for the fab idea!

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