Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cameron Park Zoo in Waco

Traveling on I35 from Austin to Dallas is not the most pleasant driving experience. Between the awful traffic and constant construction, a person is liable to have a nervous breakdown. This Easter weekend we made the trip a little less stressful by taking a pit stop in Waco to enjoy the Cameron Park Zoo.

We found lots of interactive activities for Trouble to enjoy.
hangin' out like a monkey
feeling a ssssnake
digging for dino bones
making friends with an Orangutan

I completely fell in love with the beautiful giraffes.

The tall trees that cover the park, make some fantastic shade from the hot Texas sun. Even the meerkats appreciate the shade. (I love meerkats too!)

The zoo was fantastic! The natural habitats, thoughtful exhibits and park like setting made for a wonderful side trip.

Now, back on the road.

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