Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Patching Mr.Perfect's Jeans

Mr.Perfect asked me if I could patch some holes in two pairs of old jeans (working in the yard jeans). He said he didn't care what they look like just so long as they would stop tearing. Sure thing! It just so happens that I purchased a big roll of Wonder Under when I went shopping with my mom.
Don't worry, I didn't pay $22.90 for the Wonder Under. It was only $4! It's available in much smaller quantities as well.

What you need:
  • Wonder Under (double sided fusible web)
  • scrap of denim fabric (the patch)
What you do:
Cut rectangles/squares/circles of old denim fabric, big enough to cover the holes, plus some extra all the way around. Cut Wonder Under the same size as the patch.

Place the rough side of the Wonder Under against the good side of the patch. Iron the Wonder Under onto the patch, pressing 5-8 seconds with a hot iron.

Peel the paper backing off the patch. Turn jeans inside out and place the patch (Wonder Under side down) on the hole to be covered.

Cover the patch with a damp cloth.  Iron the patched area, pressing down firmly and holding for 10-15 seconds. Repeat, lifting and overlapping iron until Wonder Under is fused to the jeans.

Turn jeans right side out. Done!

Now Mr.Perfect can get back to his yard work duties, no more slacking around here!

Fun On A Dime


  1. I attempted to patch my son's jeans. I've tried before and it never looked right, so I hand sewed it this last time. Thanks to you I now know what I did wrong! I was putting the patch on the outside! Oops!

    Thanks for linking up to Friday Brag Fest and teaching me something I needed to know!

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