Monday, March 21, 2011

Organizing Trouble's Work

I have finally developed a system of sorting and saving Trouble's school work, art, certificates, ribbons, awards and other stuff.

The first thing I do when he brings stuff home from school is quickly toss out anything that I know we don't need or would like to forget (worksheets, old spelling tests, etc...) Then I put what's left (the good stuff) in a drawer in the kitchen.

When the drawer is overflowing, I know it's time to do an "official sort." I dump all of the stuff out on the kitchen table.

Then, with my guidance, Trouble sorts the stuff into two piles: keep & recycle. He loves looking at all of his old papers.

The keep pile gets placed neatly into a bin labeled with his grade level.

I store all of his bins in his closet.

I realize that at this rate, by the time he's a Senior in High School, he'll have 13 bins in his closet. So I'm thinking maybe I'll be able to consolidate the bins later. He'll also think his mother is crazy, but he's an only child and it's just how it goes... Mom saves all of her baby's stuff.


  1. Great! It isn't a bad idea to also take pictures of him with his art work or special papers. It will make it much easy to consolidate even further down in the future. You can have the pictures saved and decrease how much you physically save.
    Thanks for linking it up to my Organizing Mission monday link party!

  2. Great idea. It's hard to cull it down to a reasonable pile (or piles.) My son is in 4th grade and I have a hard time deciding what to keep or toss. He wants to keep everything!

  3. I do the bin thing too. Then twice a year at christmas and end of the year I go through each book with my kids. I take out my top tem items I love from each child and put them in a special "treasure book" then the rest is up to them, We have framed worked in a poster size frame for stories and art work, they have their own binders, and then there is the bin....

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