Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dealing With Scorpions

Spring brings us lovely Texas wildflowers...

sweet little ladybugs...

and scorpions. (It's smushed.)

Scorpions are my sworn enemies! If you've ever had the pleasure of being stung by a scorpion let me tell you... it's absolutely horrible. I had the misfortune of getting stung on the bottom of my foot. I'm traumatized and still have nightmares. Spring is just the beginning of scorpion season and time for me to start my pesticide-free scorpion strategies.

I place a little copper mesh in the weep holes in the mortar around the house. (This keeps the little buggers outside, which is much better than inside.)

I also place these sticky bug traps in places scorpions might take a midnight stroll.

 Here's a trap behind a cabinet. The scorpion walks through the sticky stuff to check out the bait... and he's mine.
I think scorpions are like rats. For every one you see, there's fifty you don't. Let's hope I don't see any this scorpion season.


  1. How horrible....I would be having nightmares for sure! I hope your can keep them under control! UGH!!

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