Saturday, February 26, 2011

Trouble in the Garden

Signs of Spring are everywhere in Central Texas. That means it's time to garden. Including Trouble in the process is a great learning experience (for all of us). It's one of those family memories that we will always hold dear. Trouble has always enjoyed helping in the garden. He loves playing in the dirt, digging holes, using the gardening tools and planting vegetables. This weekend we made a trip to the garden center and picked out some seeds and plants.

We planted some lettuce seeds...

Romaine lettuce plants...

arugula and...

a jalapeno pepper plant.

Trouble and Mr.Perfect also tackled planting a peach tree.

Trouble helped dig the hole.

Mr.Perfect and Trouble mixed dirt and added it to the hole.

 They put the peach tree in the hole and added more dirt.

Bring on the peaches!

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  1. Oh, I can't wait until we can plant a garden! Way to go! What a fun time!!

    Thanks for linking up to Friday Brag Fest!