Saturday, January 15, 2011

Making Molly a Dog Toy

We recently adopted Molly aka MissNotSoPottyTrained from Forgotten Friends a central Texas dog rescue organization. She is a 'special' dog. When I say special I mean, she likes to go potty in the house and is extremely unfriendly to strangers. Despite her flaws and snaggletooth we adore her and she apparently loves me, Trouble, and Mr.Perfect 
(in that order).
Trouble has been asking if he could make Molly a toy for a while now and we finally got around to creating something for her. I've seen braided fleece toys at pet stores and based our homemade toy on that.

 I cut some usable pieces of fabric from some old fleece sweat shirts that I no longer wanted. 

Next, I cut the fleece into 17 inch long strips that were about 2 inches wide.

Molly made sure the strips were up to her standards... or she was looking for somewhere new to potty.

I have 3 pink strips, 3 yellow strips, and 3 blue strips.

Tie one end of each group of strips with a ribbon, scrap of fabric or a rubber band. I was too lazy to go down stairs to get a rubber band hence the scrap.

Trouble held the tied end while I braided the 3 strips together.

Then Trouble held the ends of all 3 braids while I braided them together to make a big braid.

 I tied the ends of the big braid with an extra strip of fleece and made the sure the knots were quite tight.

 I trimmed both ends with pinking shears. 

Done & ready to be played with.

Can you believe she's a vicious beast?

It's true! She'll get you with that snaggletooth.

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