Sunday, January 30, 2011

Colorado Vacation

I may have seemed a little distant lately...went on a VACATION! Yay for vacations! I live for family vacations, they make such wonderful memories.
Mr.Perfect, Trouble and I packed up our winter coats and went to Colorado. We spent 4 days in Copper Mountain, a little ski resort about 75 miles west of Denver. 
 It was heaven! We went mid week to avoid the weekend crowds and had the slopes to ourselves.
See, no skiers!
Trouble went to their Ski School for two days, where he learned the fundamentals of skiing 
(how not to die on the chairlift).

 Mr.Perfect and I enjoyed the empty slopes while Trouble was at school.
Trouble skied with us on our third day... and we survived! Although at one point I was worried. Trouble fell getting off the chair lift and just covered his eyes and said, "They are going to run me over, I'm going to die!"

Ah.... good times! 
Great memories!


  1. Okay, I found you because of your sock cupcake and ended up blog stalking and love you blog. I live in Colorado and love your pictures! I also can't wait to try the sock cupcake and stalk your posts some more:) I am following you now.

  2. Thanks Tracey, I love your state and your blog!

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