Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

I love Christmas traditions, they make my heart happy! Here is a fun tradition that Mr.Perfect and I started when Trouble started reading. Every year after Trouble opens his gifts from Santa he gets a gift with a note and a clue attached: 

Dear Trouble,

If you want to find your gifts,
you’ll have to follow these clues.

Look closely and read carefully or,
you’ll have the blues!

Mom & Dad
Clue #1

Mom washes your clothes here every day
You'll find a gift here don’t delay!

He then goes to the next place and finds a gift with another clue attached.

Clue #2

A room of blue is where you should go
You’ll find a gift but no snow!

And he keeps running around the house looking for gifts and clues.

Clue #3

The place where Mommy parks her car
Is where your last gift is, it’s not far!

The last gift is usually a bigger gift that I have in the garage. This year Trouble got a bike.

It’s a fun way to break up the mad rush to open all the gifts under the tree.

Now let me tell you a sad funny story about a year (2009)  that Mr.Perfect gave me a homemade wordsearch for Christmas. I was supposed to find clues in the wordsearch to where my gift was. Only thing was, I didn’t realize that there were clues in the puzzle. So I didn’t get my gift... until 2 days after Christmas when I finally realized what the heck was going on. Mr.Perfect is funny like that!

I received this note from Mr.Perfect and Trouble for Christmas this year. That's right... I suddenly got the deer in the headlight look remembering the wordsearch incident of 2009.
It was fun!  I almost ended up in the pool but finally got my gift!  Guess what I got...
Just what I wanted and a very appropriate gift to go with the mapquest. Trouble may have even got some practice with cardinal directionality. Mr.Perfect is smart like that!